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Welding Symbols Plug or Slot Weld Symbol Arrow Side Single-Bevel-Groove and Double Fillet weld Symbols Chain Intermittent Fillet Weld Weld both sides each end and 10 inches center to center in between Staggered Intermittent Fillet Weld Weld ends than 10 inch centers staggered each side Welding Symbols Understanding Welding Symbols Terms and Definitions Plug or Slot ... How To Read Welding Symbols - The Ranger Station Plug & Slot Welds: For plug welds, the diameter of each plug is given to the left of the symbol and the plug-to-plug spacing (pitch) is given to the right. For slot welds, the width of each slot is given to the left of the symbol, the length and pitch (separated by a dash) are given to the right of the symbol,... Blueprint Reading Final Flashcards | Quizlet Plug welds and slot welds are identified by the same symbol, except that the plug weld symbol has a diameter placed on its right side. When a specific contour symbol is required, the appropriate contour symbol is shown above or below the weld symbol depending on its arrow side, or other side significance.

The primary element of any welding symbol is referred to as the? ... In the case of a plug or slot weld, a dimension placed within the weld symbol would indicate?

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