6 slot 3u vpx backplane

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Standard Technical Documentation: 3U 5-Slot VPX Backplane. Information Connector pin-out tables for each slot type Connector pin-out tables and part numbers for all cable ...

3U OpenVPX Backplanes - 3-9 slots Rugged Eurocard 3U form factor; Designed to support Rear Transition Modules according to the VITA 46.10 Specification; System Management Interface on the backplane according to VITA 46.11 Specification; Downloads. 3U OpenVPX 6-slot BKP3-CEN06-15.2.2-n Backplane Datasheet 3U, 5-slot w/VITA 67 RF on 3 slots BKP3-DIS05-15.3.2-n 3U OpenVPX 6-slot BKP3-CEN06-15.2.2X-3 Backplane Elma is the leader in 3U and 6U OpenVPX backplanes. Designed to meet VITA 65, the 6 slot OpenVPX backplane features a data plane with one Fat Pipe from slot one to slot two and Ultra Thin Pipes from slot one to slots 3-6. VPX Backplanes, 3U 4 and 5 slot Full Mesh X1 - Backplanes

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The backplane and the mezzanine cards are held in place using a special rubber type insert, therefore it dampens the backplane/mezzanine assembly against vibrations. XTend4130 | 3U VPX Development Backplane XTend4130 is a 3U VPX Development Backplane with Centralized Switching for Single or Dual Star Topology. 3/4 ATR 8-Slot VME, VXS, VPX & cPCI - Macrolink

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Amphenol ABSI VPX Datasheet VPX-01-06-01-03-02 (15.2.10) specifies a 3U 6 slot 3.125Gbps VPX J2 backplane, configured with VITA46 connectors and customer specific custom power ...

3U OpenVPX Chassis is equipped with a high performance backplane capable of Serial I/O signaling at rates up to 10Gbps on the Data and Expansion Planes

VPX backplane / 6-10 slots - 3U, 6 slot, VITA 46.10 - Elma Electronic Find out all of the information about the Elma Electronic product: VPX backplane / 6-10 slots 3U, 6 slot, VITA 46.10 . Contact a supplier or the parent company ...